Open Call FotoRoom – submit your work and win a bursary for the AnzenbergerMasterclass 2017/18!

Open Call FotoRoom – submit your work to FotoRoom’s new open call ‘Visual Storytelling’ until June 30 and get the chance to participate the AnzenbergerMasterclass 2017/18 free of charge!

The Theme — Visual Storytelling
“Even though the term ‘visual storytelling’ is quite new, the art of telling stories through images has been practiced since forever. Our earliest ancestors were already using visual arts even when they hadn’t developed a writing system yet; but never before had visual media (photography, picture books, films, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) become such an integral part of our lives. The ability of telling a story with images—be it in a single photograph or a series of pictures—has become fundamental to emerge from today’s flood of banal snapshots” — Regina Maria Anzenberger

You can participate in two categories: Single Image and the new Portfolio category. No restrictions apply in terms of the chosen photographic genre, style or approach; in fact, in this instance ‘storytelling’ doesn’t necessarily mean real stories only; projects with a conceptual rather than strictly documentary approach are welcomed as well.

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